fearlessYOGA offers an accessible approach to practicing yoga through a standard series of multi-level postures that, once learned, can be practiced as a “flow.” Developed and instructed within a social justice framework that relates how we engage on the mat to how we behave in the world, the practice is returned to its rightful place as a personal practice for inner-life development, liberated from mainstream, thus ownable by agents of social change and impacted, marginalized communities.


out of a continued understanding of the need for a well-rounded set of practices that engage us at multiple levels, we’ve increased our commitment to integrating body practice, namely fearlessYOGA, a yoga series that once learned is designed to be self-directed, into our core practice framework. fearlessYOGA has been developed as a yoga practice specifically oriented towards activists. The precise language and approach of the “Effort & Release” teaching framework directly corresponds with the seminal yogic text, the Yoga-Sutras. The method illuminates the habit-patterns of aggression and over-doing by introducing postures in incremental levels of engagement. Alternatively, it encourages activists to learn to “back off” of over-reaching in exchange for discovering one’s own internal pace and alignment.


the core of fearlessYOGA’s approach is based in the classic yoga text, Patañjali’s Yoga Sutras.


but not everyone can spend many hours a day with a personal guru directing them. and for a practice to be viable, it has to be your own. fearlessYOGA was developed with the intention to send you home with a practice of your own.


remember Tupperware? well you can think of fearlessYOGA as the Tupperware of yoga? why? because we want it to be shared in your living room, community center, office or any other common space. just move those couches, desks and bookcases aside. grab your mat and follow along. fearlessYOGA helps you discover and focus on your “Present Posture.” that means where YOU are right now. not your neighbor’s posture. not when you were younger, or how flexible you were yesterday or where you might develop down the road. but you. right now. here. in the present.