Re: fearlessYOGA Teacher Training 2012 dates

this is a super idea, Lisa.

sorry it took so long to respond. my email filters are in flux so i don’t see each fY email as it comes in. gonna adjust that today.

i think the fearless series classes should be 2 hours. 1.5 if that’s all you can get.
FYI, teaching the series is going to be the standard baseline for all.

i was just thinking about the eyepillow thing and some kind of collaboration for the future with a youth group to make them. but this is great for ThirdRoot. (is that where you plan to do this?)

ok, what can we do to support this happening ASAP?

January 21, 2012 7:12 AM
YAY!!!  I’ve been practicing, sitting, and writing in the AM and last week I had an idea that I’ve wanted to share and see what we can make happen. It came thru again this morning, and then I saw this note. AWESOME…sooo……I’m proposing a 
fearlessYoga Week!  In DC, NY, and the Bay…
this is my intial sketch and I’d love to hear how we can get all our brilliant minds on it and make it better:
Kick off event for the upcoming teacher training….perhaps in the lead up to the February deadline?
The week would include the following (and more based on y’all ideas):
  • A class on props, how to use them, get comfy with them, and introduce the EYE PILLOW. (yesss!)
  • Have an Eyepillow production party (optional, but folks can help make them, or simply pay for them once they are made). There is a woman at Thirdroot who said before that she’s down to help make it happen as she’s made them before for the herbal program.  (yay!!)
  • Offer a fearles series as Faith offered it in DC:  4 classes, 4 postures each, and then the flow so by the final class the flow will feel familiarand they’ll know the postures more “intimately”. How long were the classes, faith?  90min?  2hrs? (I can’t remember)
  • Talk on linking embodied practice to transformative social change
  • Workshop on moving towards action, beginning with self and extending towards commitments in our lives, work
  • Something on loving fearlessly…as it is Vday…etc, etc?
  • Alright, abhyasis….what are YOUR Creative ideas?
I’ve got some folks in mind, so can we all talk about outreach, etc? I’m down :)
Much love,
Lisa g.


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