Oya-Llansa Sherrills – Certified Instructor, fYT Candidate


Oya L Sherrillsis a 23 year old mother, student artivist. She attended school at Humboldt State University and is currently working towards her B.A. in ethnic studies. Born in Bellflower, Ca, the daughter of a peace activist she is a passionate advocate for knowledge of self and human rights.   What drew you to Fearless [...]

Gail Parris, RYT – Certified Instructor, fYT Candidate


Born in Georgetown Guyana, and raised in Brooklyn New York, s attended Erasmus Hall High School Campus. In high school she discovered her love for the outdoors through Outward bound. She completed her Bachelor of Arts at Mount Holyoke College. As an international model Gail aspires to redefine the standards of beauty by joining the [...]

Jocelyn Jackson, RYT – Certified Instructor, fYT Candidate


is a PhD student at CIIS studying Environmental Communication and Transformative Studies.  She is also developing a non-profit called STEPs Earthwide as a method for inspiring communities of people to activate their passions in service to the Earth.  As an environmental educator she works with organizations and schools to provide curriculum and instruction that cultivate [...]

Lisa Garrett, RYT – Certified Teacher

Faith Bynoe, RYT – Certified Instructor, fYT Candidate


Faith Bynoe’s life mission is supporting, strengthening and uplifting residents in the development of their neighborhoods and communities- with a particular emphasis on the Caribbean Diaspora. Faith was born to Bajan parents and nurtured by a strong civic-minded family. Her life experiences in the US and Barbados have shaped her perspective on community development, racial [...]

Karen Muktayani ‘Muki’ Villanueva, RYT – Certified Teacher


No matter what my professional title happens to be, my underlying purpose for being in the world is as healer and world bridger. It is clear to me that a consistent body practice is essential for transformation. It is also clear that in order to live in a more just, sustainable, and equitable world, there [...]