Having never taken more than an ordinary yoga class, angel Kyodo williams, the “Great Friend” or Mahamitra and founder of fearlessYOGA wished to offer a practice to incarcerated young men and women that could empower them towards self-liberation while imprisoned. Already a meditation teacher, she recognized the power of having a personal practice that would not require a teacher’s presence in order to deepen one’s own self-discovery. As a martial artist, she also understood the value of directing the energy of the physical body towards that quest.

In 2001, shortly after an accident in which an unskilled teacher taught an inappropriate yoga posture that led to a young person’s injury, angel began sketching a series of 10 postures that kept coming to mind. Using her background in “kata” practice she taught the movements to young people and found great success. From there, she took up a strong yoga practice alongside her 10+ year deep meditation practice. After years of study, she formally attended yoga teacher training with the Kripalu School of Yoga in Lennox, MA  so that she could have a practical foundation for teaching. Seeking to “fix” the  sequence of asanas to pass her final teaching demos, she discovered that the Warrior Series was already an excellently-balanced, well-rounded series. It was from the Warrior Series that sought to enable personal freedom from the beginning, that fearlessYOGA was born.